Venture Heated Gloves

The Ultimate Heated Gloves

Everybody knows the importance of keeping your hands warm while you are out in the cold. Designed by  +VENTURE with the advance ADDHEAT XCT Xtreme Comfort Technology that provides active heating on demand.  

Powered by rechargeable lithium battery, the EPIC series electric heated gloves warms up all 10 fingers for 2- 8 hours (depends on setting.) The on-board control-panel lets you adjust the settings with the gloved hand minimize the exposure to the bitter, chilling winter air. The slim-profile lithium-ion batteries are hidden within the side pockets making them less intrusive for greater performance. When Average Is Not Enough—Heated Gloves With Epic Performance.

To find out more about the EPIC SERIES HEATED GLOVES or other electric heated clothing.. visit +VENTURE HEAT's home page at www.VENTUREHEAT.com

+VENTURE 12V Heated Jacket Liner to keep motorcyclist warm all year long!!
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